The retirement project that’s a runaway success

Durham Times:

11:23am Friday 18th July 2014

ARRIVING at Homer Hill, just outside Durham along a turnoff from the A690, you are greeted by a vision of professionalism. The main building, which houses a farm shop, kitchens and a cafe, looks smart and inviting; with a wood exterior in keeping with its rural setting.

Palm Sugar, 69 Claypath, Durham

Durham Times:

11:18am Friday 18th July 2014

YOU know the feeling when you discover something new, wonderful and so exciting that you want to shout about it from the rooftops?

Exhibitions offer up two views of military action

Durham Times:

11:10am Friday 18th July 2014

A NEW exhibition of photographs exploring the uneasy relationship between entertainment and the military has gone on display in Durham.

Opening Hell’s own fire

Durham Times:

2:33pm Friday 11th July 2014

NINETY-EIGHT years ago, Gunner George James was in the trenches near Albert, in northern France, writing his diary.

Folk star’s city date

2:19pm Friday 11th July 2014

A POPULAR folk singer is performing at the Old Cinema Launderette, in Gilesgate, Durham, tonight.

Zafflong Indian Restaurant and Bar, Broomside Lane, Belmont, Durham

Durham Times:

2:24pm Friday 11th July 2014

ZAFFLONG is a constant temptation. The Indian restaurant, bar and takeaway is on my regular running route, along Broomside Lane, in sunny Belmont.

National honours

Durham Times:

2:09pm Friday 11th July 2014

TWO dance groups represented the region at a national festival.

Mallard: The Opera tops the bill at Brass

Durham Times:

2:07pm Friday 11th July 2014

AN OPERA inspired by the world’s fastest steam locomotive will be premiered in the North-East as part of an annual brass festival which returns today.

Lambton and Lumley - castles that were fort over

Durham Times: Last year Lambton Castle was used as the set for period drama Paradise

4:49pm Friday 4th July 2014

ALTHOUGH they are only a mile apart and both their names begin with the same letter, there's an 'ell of a difference between Lambton and Lumley castles, as Chris Lloyd discovers.

The Jolly Drovers, Leadgate, Consett

Durham Times: EATING OUT: The Jolly Drovers near Consett. Picture: TOM BANKS (7597881)

4:47pm Friday 4th July 2014

A RUMOUR did the rounds a while ago that the then-closed Jolly Drovers at Leadgate was being bought and done up by The Hairy Bikers.

A century on, singers capture emotions of war

Durham Times:

4:47pm Friday 4th July 2014

THE Durham Singers marked the centenary of the First World War with a contemplative selection of music encompassing the timeless themes of loss, grief and the yearning for peace.

Folk star Helen enjoys homecoming gig

Durham Times:

4:47pm Friday 4th July 2014

A DURHAM-born musician who has found success in Canada has staged a homecoming gig in the city.

Orchestra North East, Durham Cathedral

4:51pm Friday 27th June 2014

The vast acoustic space of Durham Cathedral was emblazoned with a riot of musical colour when Orchestra North East appeared - depicting a series of contrasting images, from seascapes to a rural idyll and a macabre witches’ dance.

Treats, 27-28 Silver Street, Durham

Durham Times: EATING OUT: Treats coffee shop on Silver Street in Durham. Picture: DAVID WOOD (7340693)

4:26pm Friday 27th June 2014

IN 2003, American singer Kelis caused quite a stir with: “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, damn right it’s better than yours."

Bishop's widow pens memoire

Durham Times: The front cover of Jo Cundy's book

4:16pm Friday 27th June 2014

THE widow of a bishop who died of cancer has written a book about her experiences.

Shedding light on printmaker Anja's new studio

Durham Times: Printmaker Anja Percival at work

4:16pm Friday 27th June 2014

A PRINTMAKER’S first exhibition in her new Durham studio opens today.

A warm welcome awaits at Crook Hall

Durham Times: HAPPY DAYS: Crook Hall is increasingly popular with wedding parties

12:50pm Friday 20th June 2014

FOR 800 years, Crook Hall, a diminutive stately home on the banks of the River Wear, in Durham, has had two main attractions: the house and gardens.

Fox and Hounds, Stonebank Terrace, Newfield, Bishop Auckland

Durham Times: The Fox and Hounds, in Newfield

12:21pm Friday 20th June 2014

DELIGHTED surprise must surely be the initial reaction of any first-time visitor to the Fox and Hounds – it certainly was for my dining partner Rachel and me.

Mum’s tale of a girl who can smudge the edges of time

Durham Times: TIMESMUDGER: Author Gillian Smellie with her new book

12:12pm Friday 20th June 2014

A FORMER Chorister School registrar whose daughters were among Durham Cathedral’s first girl choristers drew on personal experience in writing her first novel.

City’s story, day-by-day

12:01pm Friday 20th June 2014

A NEW history book with a twist tells Durham’s story day by day.

Celebrating the joys of music

11:59am Friday 20th June 2014

OVER 200 pupils from Darlington and the Durham Dales celebrated the joys of music with a special concert at Durham Cathedral on Wednesday.

The Smiths Arms, Carlton Village, near Stockton

Durham Times: CONVIVIAL: Dining at the Smiths Arms is a pleasant experience – and excellent value

11:23am Friday 13th June 2014

REALISING I’ve never written a no-messing-about, noholds- barred, you-can’t-bendit, really scathing review the thought struck: ‘I’m too soft.’ Maybe, just too filled with the bonhomie of enjoying a meal with a couple of drinks, I’d soft-pedalled on some legitimate criticism, even if I had not failed altogether in my duty to report it.

Underwater treasures shed new light on city’s history

Durham Times: RIVER SEARCHES: Diver Gary Bankhead has retrieved thousands of items from the Wear

11:43am Friday 13th June 2014

TREASURES fished out of a river by an amateur underwater archaeologist have gone on display. Thousands of artefacts buried in the silt of the River Wear in Durham have been retrieved from the riverbed over the last seven years by scuba diver Gary Bankhead.

Creating magic indoors and under night skies

Durham Times: PASSIONATE: Richard Main says outdoor theatre is unpredictable

11:17am Friday 13th June 2014

PRODUCER Richard Main admits to having a soft spot for the North-East. “My grandparents were born in Stanley and my parents both came from South Shields where I was born, and although I grew up in Lincoln, I consider myself to be a South Shields man,” he explains. “I go back to see my parents as often as I can, and have fond memories of the whole area.”

Penash Indian Restaurant and Bar at the Croxdale Inn, Front Street East, Croxdale

Durham Times: SMART DECOR: An airy room, comfortable seating and crisp linen in Penash’s dining room

10:42am Friday 6th June 2014

YOU know you have been to a really good restaurant when the next day you find yourself staring wistfully into the distance, daydreaming about the delicious dishes you sampled the night before.

A fine serving of musical mastery

Durham Times: STUPENDOUS: Cellist Gabriel Schwabe and Walter Delahunt

10:38am Friday 6th June 2014

Northern Chords Festival, Chapter House, Durham Cathedral, Northern Chords Festival, Chapter House, Durham Cathedral THE Northern Chords Festival attracts musicians to the region from across the world once a year, with many of the performers meeting for the first time to play new repertoire.

A trip through the ages of Japanese art culture

Durham Times: ON DISPLAY: Volunteer Jen Bergevin takes a closer look at some of the items on display in Off The Wall: The Art of Japanese Movie Posters exhibition at the Palace Green Library in Durham.

10:36am Friday 6th June 2014

TWO new exhibitions exploring ancient and modern aspects of Japan have opened to the public.

Diary memories straight from Western Front in days leading up to gunner’s 21st birthday

Durham Times: WAR DIARY: Gunner George James

3:09pm Friday 30th May 2014

GEORGE had grown up in the small pit village of Littletown, a couple of miles east of Durham. He left school at 13, and after six years down the mine he volunteered to fight for king and country.

Durham Singers mark centenary of First World War

Durham Times: Durham Singers  (6465316)

2:40pm Friday 30th May 2014

THE DURHAM Singers will mark the centenary of the First World War with a rich and contemplative programme reflecting on the wider and universal themes of mourning, loss and the search for peace.

Arabesque, 144 High Street West, Sunderland

Durham Times: TASTE OF THE EAST: Arabesque restaurant on High Street West in Sunderland

3:04pm Friday 30th May 2014

TO the uninitiated, like my mam, Middle Eastern cuisine might seem a bit daunting. She did not know whether she would like anything on the menu, but I was able to put her mind at rest by assuring her it was bit like tapas, with breads, meatballs, chicken, dips, bread and salads.

Teenage survivor of Easington Colliery disaster recalls fateful day

Durham Times: Bill Burns remembers Easington Colliery disaster. Picture by Gavin Engelbrecht (6052906)

11:33am Friday 23rd May 2014

As the anniversary of the Easington Colliery disaster draws near teenage survivor Bill Burns speaks to Gavin Engelbrecht about the fateful day.

The King's Arms, Great Stainton

Durham Times: (6349845)

11:19am Friday 23rd May 2014

AT Great Stainton, we found ourselves in a village I'd not been to before.

Anne's heading Down Under after 16 years on the hill

Durham Times: TREASURE QUEST: Anne Heywood shows visitors through the Lindisfarne Gospels at Durham Cathedral in 2003

4:26pm Friday 16th May 2014

As Anne Heywood steps down as visitor services co-ordinator at Durham Cathedral, she talks to Ruth Addicott about what it’s been like to work at one of Europe’s finest buildings.

Village Tavern at Hallgarth Manor, Pittington, Durham

Durham Times: (6071339)

4:25pm Friday 16th May 2014

THE fog clung close, almost suffocating; dense and surrounding, like a heavy cold.

Ballet lovers in for a treat at the Gala

Durham Times: Beauty and the Beast: Elisha Willis as Belle and Robert Parker as the Beast; photo: Bill Cooper (6046387)

4:24pm Friday 16th May 2014

PARTS of the best-loved ballets of all time are being performed at the Gala Theatre this week.

Cathedral concert honours war hero choristers

Durham Times: Festival director and cellist Jonathan Bloxham (center) joins choristers Rupert Browning (9), Beth Stenlake (8) and Liliana Banev (9) and cathedral steward George Hetherington in the Chapter House at Durham Cathedral ahead of the Northern Chords Festival.

4:23pm Friday 16th May 2014

A CATHEDRAL concert of classical music will honour the sacrifice of its former choristers killed during the First World War.

Couple's beautiful laundrette is also a vintage paradise and music haven

Durham Times: (5926318)

12:13pm Friday 9th May 2014

AMONG the posters on the wall at the Old Cinema Launderette is an advertisement for Eagle Squadron, a 1942 American war film. It shows a man who seems to have fallen off a jetty into a dinghy, and a woman who looks aghast. The poster does little to promote the film - and Kathy Turner, the launderette's owner, confirms that it is pretty bad.

The Country, The Green, Aycliffe Village

Durham Times: ENDURING FAME: The County in Aycliffe Village has a longstanding reputation for fine food – and famous guests – Picture Andy Lamb

12:11pm Friday 9th May 2014

ONE has to feel sorry for the couple who run The County in Aycliffe Village. For Stuart Dale and Colette Farrell run a famous pub.

Choral concert steeped in Durham heritage

Durham Times: Durham Choral Society to appear at Durham Cathedral  (5755072)

12:09pm Friday 9th May 2014

A CHORAL concert steeped in local heritage will be held at Durham Cathedral tomorrow (Saturday, May 10).

Messiah on show at the cathedral

Durham Times: Katie Button (5879270)

12:08pm Friday 9th May 2014

Review: Messiah

After slurping 11.4m brews master blender’s work is just his cup of tea

Durham Times: CUPPA TIME: Tea expert Alex Probyn enjoys a brew at Tealicious on Elvet Bridge in Durham

2:30pm Friday 2nd May 2014

IT is a sunny afternoon and Tealicious, a vintage tearoom on Elvet Bridge in Durham, is bustling with people. All of a sudden, the refined atmosphere is shattered by an eruption of loud slurps.

The Miners Arms, 41 Manor Road, Medomsley, Consett

Durham Times: WORTHY: The Miners Arms at Medomsley is a traditional community pub

2:27pm Friday 2nd May 2014

HAVING driven past The Miners Arms at Medomsley many times on the way to Consett, I have often been tempted by the big imposing white building set back off the road.

The poets who captured the true horrors of war

Durham Times: WAR CHRONICLERS: William Noel Hodgson

2:22pm Friday 2nd May 2014

THE words of some of the Great War poets such as Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen are still well known and are some of the most recognisable and evocative literary works we have from the time.

A family history rich in fighting to better the lot of the working man

Durham Times: Blair Smillie with his father Bob during their visit to Durham

5:13pm Monday 28th April 2014

HE helped found the Labour Party and reduced a British Prime Minister to tears in the House of Commons.

Fat Buddha, Walkergate, Durham

Durham Times: The classy ambience of the Fat Buddha is more than matched by its excellent food and efficient service

5:09pm Monday 28th April 2014

THE thing that really amazed me about Fat Buddha was the speed of it all.

Me, myself and nerves: music legend to go solo

Durham Times: JOAN ARMATRADING: still nervous after all these years

5:07pm Monday 28th April 2014

FOR someone who has appeared on stage for more than four decades, it’s hard to believe that Joan Armatrading still gets nervous.

Good Friday can herald brand new beginning for Cathedral and us all

Durham Times: HOPE RENEWED: The Dean of Durham

4:49pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

GOOD Friday means a death. Easter means a resurrection. The death and resurrection of Jesus are the very heart of Christianity. But Easter isn’t an ending; rather it is a beginning where fresh life and hope are born.

The City Hotel, 84 New Elvet, Durham

Durham Times: CITY STYLE: The pub has undergone a refurbishment but retains its traditional atmosphere and appearance

4:47pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

THE Elvet Bridge area is one of my favourite parts of Durham City. I love the historic buildings, river views and mixture of quirky shops, restaurants and pubs.

Sound of Simon and Garfunkel is brought to life

4:44pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

DEAN Elliott never intended to become Paul Simon. The performer who played Buddy Holly for two years in London and on tour in Buddy – The Musical came up with the idea of developing a show about Simon and Garfunkel.

Bella Mamma Restaurant, Durham

Durham Times: ITALIAN DELIGHT: Bella Mamma

4:51pm Friday 11th April 2014

IN A fast-moving, ever-changing world, it’s reassuring to know some things always remain the same.


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